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Ofir Design is brand & design studio based in

New Orleans

From identity to tone of voice, and every expression in between, we develop design systems tailored to define the brand's position with your consumer

Strategic Design

Before we start any project, we take time to get to know you — the person behind the brand. Having a strong sense of the person behind the brand has a huge impact on brand identity and how your message is communicated to potential clients. We fuse the spirit of your brand with a design direction that fits your vision.

Design Language

We create customized interpretations of your brand that align with your ethos and identity. We provide a range of branding solutions that are design-ready for any medium.

Creative Direction

To bring your brand to life, we offer comprehensive creative direction that guides the overall look, feel and tone of the design. We are devoted to design that mirrors your brand’s unique identity. Each project is considered unique and treated as such. Where most agencies see a brand, we see the people behind it. To give your brand the approachability of a human persona that many clients seek, we make getting to know you our highest priority. At Ofir Design, we believe in keeping it personal.

With a specialty in premier creative branding and comprehensive visual solutions, we offer a personalized approach to conceptualizing, creating
and developing visual identities. Our portfolio spans across various industries and includes clients in the gastronomy, lifestyle, culture, corporate and non-profit sectors.

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