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Bridge & Corner

Bridge & Corner is a building complex in downtown Los Angeles. Bridge & Corner provides creative working spaces for companies and filming space for the movie industry. We developed the Bridge & Corner brand and identity, designed brand icons, and created websites, brochures and signs for each building in the complex. The branding and graphic language vary by facility and the building represented.

What We Did:






Identity / Logo

The Bridge & Corner logo is modern, digital and geometric, drawing inspiration from different elements in the landscape of the area. The basic shape of the logo is a frame. The space inside is filled with different icons or symbols that represent the building, the Bridge & Corner complex and the brand. Different design or framed symbols are combined to form an integrated brand identity. This allows for more flexibility as the different framed symbols can move around the main logo. The resulting brand language is playful and dynamic. The icons are bold and minimalistic, reducing various images, architectural features and symbols to their most essential and recognizable forms through the use of geometric shapes.

4th Street


Base Camp



4th Street Website

Anderson Website

Website Design

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