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Altar New Orleans

Clothing ritual

ALTAR is your new favorite ritual. ALTAR uses the most luxurious feeling fabrics so you can look divine while being cloaked in pure comfort.

ALTAR also takes tremendous pride in our mission to champion artists. Through close collaboration with a variety of artists based right here in New Orleans, we create one-of-a-kind fabric prints that are elegantly incorporated into many of our alluring designs. We believe that sustainability starts with paying our artists fairly – a percentage of profits from each sale goes directly to the featured artist. Be sure to visit our Featured Artist Page to learn more about the artists we work with.

Altar believes in incorporating feminist alchemy into all of our practices. That means tapping into our personal powers to create a more enchanting world for everyone. It is essential that this includes practices that support racial and social justice. We encourage you to support some of the amazing organizations that ALTAR has donated to who are fighting for a more equitable society... The Southern Poverty Law Center, BreakOUT!, Women with a Vision, Black Lives Matter, Operation Restoration, Birthmark Doulas, and Sister Hearts Thrift Store.

Altar New Orleans

Clothing ritual






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